Apple Releases iOS 17.2 Final Beta with Exciting Features and Enhancements

On December 6th (Thai time), Apple rolled out the Release Candidate (RC) version of iOS 17.2. This version introduces several new applications and features for iPhones, including the Journal app, Translation option for the Task button, Camera improvements, Messages enhancements, and additional Weather widgets. Notably, the Apple Music Collaborative Playlist feature, present in the early betas of iOS 17.2, has been removed in the final beta.

Journal App The Journal app allows users to document daily activities and thoughts through text, photos, music, or voice recordings. Apple also provides personalized suggestions and app locking with Face ID/Touch ID for privacy protection.

Task Button In iOS 17.2 RC, the Task button on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max has a new Translation option. When activated, users can press the Task button to translate speech into text between two different languages.

Camera For the iPhone 15 Pro series, Apple has added the Spatial Video recording mode for the Apple Vision Pro glasses. According to Apple, this mode captures spatial video with superior depth for viewing in the Photos app on Apple Vision Pro. The company recommends keeping the iPhone stable in a horizontal direction for optimal results. Additionally, the update improves the autofocus speed of the telephoto camera on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max when capturing small objects.

Messages iOS 17.2 RC introduces the iMessage Contact Key Verification feature in the Messages app. This feature allows users to verify that they are messaging the correct person and not falling victim to message blocking or eavesdropping scams. If successful in the final testing, Apple plans to include this feature in the official release.

Alongside new features, iOS 17.2 allows users to press and hold messages to express emotions using stickers within the app. Furthermore, Apple adds a new arrow icon on the right side to help users identify unread messages.

Weather The Weather app has three new widgets: Details, Daily Forecast, and Sunrise/Sunset.

  • Details: Displays information such as rainfall, UV index, wind speed, and air quality.
  • Daily Forecast: Shows weather forecasts for the upcoming days.
  • Sunrise/Sunset: Displays daily sunrise and sunset times.

Improvements and Bug Fixes in iOS 17.2 RC

  • Siri now supports access to and logging in the Health app.
  • Added the user’s favorite playlist in Apple Music.
  • Introduced Listening History Apple Music filter in the Focus Filter, allowing users to share their iPhone for music without affecting their recommended playlists.
  • The widget section in the Clock app includes a new clock face for users to add to the Home Screen and Standby screen.
  • Advanced Autofill feature enables users to fill in information (such as names and addresses from contacts) into PDFs and forms.
  • The new keyboard layout supports 8 Sami languages.
  • Sensitive content alerts now support the Messages app, providing warnings when users receive labeled content containing sensitive or explicit material.
  • Qi2 wireless charging standard support for all iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models.
  • Fixed an issue that could disrupt wireless charging in some car models.


In conclusion, the iOS 17.2 Release Candidate brings a host of exciting features and enhancements to iPhone users, showcasing Apple’s commitment to providing a seamless and innovative user experience. The new Journal app empowers users to capture their daily moments with multimedia elements while maintaining privacy through biometric app locking. The Translation option for the Task button expands the functionality, adding convenience for users seeking multilingual interactions.

The Camera improvements, especially the Spatial Video mode for Apple Vision Pro, elevate the video recording experience. iOS 17.2 also addresses security concerns with the iMessage Contact Key Verification feature, enhancing user confidence in secure communication.

The Weather app receives a significant boost with three new widgets, offering detailed weather information and forecasts at a glance. Apple’s dedication to refining user interactions is evident in the Messages app, where expressing emotions through stickers is made more intuitive.

The update not only introduces novel features but also addresses several issues and brings notable improvements, ensuring a smoother and more secure user experience. As Apple fine-tunes the final details, users can anticipate a comprehensive and refined iOS 17.2 update that enhances the overall functionality and enjoyment of their devices.


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