Decoding Samsung BESPOKE: Award-Winning Refrigerator Series

In just over two years since its launch, the Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator has made a significant impact on global users and earned prestigious awards. Notable among the accolades received by this iconic refrigerator series are:

  • Gold Award at the International Forum Design (iF) in 2020 and 2021.
  • Silver Award at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) in 2020.
  • Design of the Year at the CES Innovation Awards in 2021.
  • Excellent Design Award at the Good Design Awards in 2021.

Most recently, the Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator was honored at the 2023 Better Choice Awards, a national annual award directed by the Ministry of Planning & Investment in the category of “Innovatively Designed Household Appliances.” These successes, both within and outside the Vietnamese market, demonstrate the remarkable achievements after years of developing a refrigerator line with the latest technology and stylish design that enhances any kitchen space.

According to the company’s statistics, as of early 2023, over 3 million units of the Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator have been sold worldwide. In the Korean market, for every three refrigerators sold by Samsung, two belong to the Bespoke series. This partly demonstrates the widespread acceptance of this Samsung product. So, why has the Samsung BESPOKE achieved such success in just a few competitive market years?

Modern Design with Personalized Style, Catering to User Trends

Previously, refrigerators on the market lacked diversity in color and design. Consequently, refrigerators in each household tended to be similar, often dull and simple. This was a significant problem as the need for decorating modern kitchens has grown, with spaces in contemporary homes being adorned with items reflecting aesthetic taste and individual personality.

In response, the Samsung BESPOKE brought a breath of fresh air, introducing modern designs and a more extensive range of colors to kitchens. It was the first refrigerator that allowed users to choose colors according to their preferences. This year, the Samsung BESPOKE series offers five trendy colors (Quartz White, Navy Blue, Crystal Pink, Anthracite Brown, Beige Brown) and two premium materials (Mirror Finish / Ceramic Finish), giving users the freedom to choose based on their preferences and unique personalities. This also adds interesting focal points to kitchen spaces.

Thanks to its flat design and sharp cuts, the Samsung BESPOKE introduces a new language for refrigerator design, breaking traditional norms to create a seamless and cohesive overall look for kitchens. Regardless of placement, the BESPOKE hides itself due to its flush design and specially designed hinges, ensuring that opening/closing the refrigerator door is not hindered by surrounding obstacles. All these factors contribute to making the Samsung BESPOKE meet the standards of beauty in interior spaces, a significant requirement as many families transform their kitchens into shared living spaces or even small studios for creative content creation on social media platforms.

Leading Food Preservation Technologies

Alongside its elegant design and trendy colors, the Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator has also received acclaim for its cutting-edge food preservation technologies. The independent Triple Cooling system maintains optimal humidity, keeping food fresh for an extended period while preventing the mixing of odors between compartments. This technology is crucial for preserving the original taste of food without any interference from various other items in the refrigerator.

The Cool +™ temperature-switching compartment with five cooling modes caters to all storage needs. Users can easily switch between five cooling modes with different temperatures: Ice Freeze, Food Freeze, Soft Frozen Meat, Keep Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, and Drink Cooling.

Moreover, the Metal Cooling technology on the Samsung BESPOKE stabilizes and restores the temperature after each opening and closing, preventing the loss of cold air through the refrigerator’s two doors, thus keeping food fresh and saving energy. Several other advanced cooling technologies enhance food preservation efficiency, making the Samsung BESPOKE not only visually appealing but also a “specialist” in storage, providing delicious meals for families.

One of the latest improvements in the Samsung BESPOKE product line is the stylish Beverage Center Minibar integrated into the Bespoke Multidoor refrigerator. This Minibar not only stands out with its luxurious and unique design but also allows users to easily create their favorite detox drinks, cold brews, etc. It provides the freedom to decorate the water bar according to personal preferences or simply grab a drink quickly and hygienically. All of these features are personalized according to the needs and preferences of the homeowner.

Continued Journey to Conquer Awards

In Thailand, Samsung is also a highly praised refrigerator brand. It has been voted as the Outstanding Refrigerator Brand at the Tech Awards for four consecutive years (from 2019 to 2022).

This year, Samsung has introduced the Bespoke Top Freezer refrigerator series with various trendy colors and modern cooling technologies. Additionally, the Bespoke Multidoor refrigerator model with a Minibar counter catering to individual tastes has been launched. The diversity in product range, colors, designs, and breakthrough food preservation technology shows that Samsung continues to be a special refrigerator brand in the hearts of Thai consumers.


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