Realme C67 Launches with 108MP Camera and Snapdragon 685

Today, the realme C67 has been officially launched in Thailand with a 108MP camera, the first Snapdragon 685 chipset in the C series, up to 256GB of storage, and Mini Capsule 2.0 featuring various interactive features.

realme surpasses the milestone of producing 200 million units globally after 5 years

realme entered a saturated smartphone market with over 701 smartphone brands and a stable hierarchical system of industry giants since 2018. In just 5 years, the brand has become one of the top 5 fastest-selling smartphone manufacturers globally, an achievement that few brands have attained up to the present time.

Despite the challenges faced by the global smartphone market in recent times, realme has maintained strong and steady growth. According to Canalys, realme is the only Android phone brand in Vietnam that experienced growth in the third quarter of 2023, with a growth rate of 36%. This result is attributed to the realme team’s efforts in deeply understanding user needs over the past 5 years, delivering a series of continuously improved technology products at affordable prices.

realme C67

The realme C67 will officially debut in the Thai market on December 21, 2023. As it is introduced shortly after reaching the milestone of 200 million units globally, this product is considered a flagship newcomer to the C series at the end of 2023, boasting significant upgrades in its segment.

The first aspect receiving notable improvements is the camera. For the first time in its segment and within the C series, the realme C67 features a 108MP camera, providing digital zoom capabilities up to 3X.

The realme C67 is equipped with the Snapdragon 685, 8GB RAM + 8GB expandable RAM. The substantial 256GB storage allows for comfortable storage of thousands of videos, images, and large applications without the need for deletion. These advantages of the realme C67 will enhance life, making it more exciting and vibrant with numerous valuable moments and experiences.

Another standout feature of the realme C67 is the new highlight in the C series, which is the interactive capability of Mini Capsule – a quick notification feature on the realme C55 that gained attention in March. In the 2.0 upgrade, the Mini Capsule on the realme C67 not only stops at displaying notifications for battery life and step count but also serves to play music, show 67 real-time weather conditions, notify activity schedules, count steps, and measure walking distance. Users can easily and conveniently interact directly on this Mini Capsule.

The realme C67 will be available in two color options: Ocean Green and Rock Black, with a thickness of 7.59mm and a weight of 185g. Notably, this is the first product in its segment to eliminate the plastic screen frame for a more compact, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing design, which is typically applied to high-end phone models. With a standard 5,000mAh battery and 33W fast charging, users can use the device with peace of mind throughout the day for watching movies, playing games, studying, or working.


In conclusion, the realme C67 marks a significant milestone for the C series with its groundbreaking features. The introduction of a 108MP camera, Snapdragon 685 chipset, and Mini Capsule 2.0 interactive features make it a standout addition to the realme lineup.

Realme’s remarkable achievement of producing 200 million units globally in just five years solidifies its position as one of the fastest-growing smartphone brands. Despite challenges in the competitive market, realme’s commitment to understanding user needs and delivering innovative products at affordable prices has propelled its continuous growth.

The realme C67, launching shortly after this global milestone, promises to deliver an enhanced user experience. The powerful camera, advanced chipset, and interactive Mini Capsule 2.0 contribute to its appeal in the smartphone market.

With two stylish color options, a sleek design eliminating the screen frame, and a robust battery with fast charging capabilities, the realme C67 aims to offer users a device that combines aesthetics, functionality, and convenience. As realme continues to innovate and cater to user preferences, the C67 sets a strong precedent for the brand’s future in the ever-evolving smartphone industry.


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