Xiaomi Releases Its First White Paper on Climate Action Program

Xiaomi Unveils First White Paper on Climate Action Program

In a landmark announcement today, Xiaomi Corporation released its inaugural White Paper on Climate Action, providing a comprehensive overview of the diverse methods the corporation is employing to minimize the impacts of climate change. Alain Lam Sai-wai, Xiaomi’s Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer, presented the White Paper at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28), the premier climate summit of the year.

“Driven by our commitment to technological innovation, Xiaomi’s approach to the zero-carbon transition is no exception. Our relentless journey in advancing our technological innovation is central to the company’s green transformation,” stated Alain Lam in his address. He further added, “Through innovative technology, we continue to enhance product efficiency and reinforce sustainability throughout the product life cycle, contributing to the realization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and fulfilling our responsibility to the Earth.”

Xiaomi Launches Its First White Paper on Climate Action Program

The White Paper meticulously outlines Xiaomi’s Zero-carbon Philosophy, incorporating the use of AIoT (the combination of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence) supported by AI to construct green products and sustainable supply chains. The company aims to facilitate a seamless zero-carbon transition for industries and society at large.

Xiaomi’s roadmap to achieving net-zero emissions aligns with the ISO Net Zero Guidelines, a widely applied tool for policy-makers striving for greenhouse gas emissions neutrality. The company pledges to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040 in its current business operations.

Efforts to reduce carbon emissions permeate every operational process at Xiaomi through improved energy efficiency and the implementation of intelligent manufacturing practices. Xiaomi also encourages partners to set climate goals consistent with the company’s carbon neutrality commitment. This includes transitioning to renewable energy sources and enhancing the rates of material recycling and reuse. Xiaomi commits to transparency, accountability, and regular audits to ensure the effectiveness of its carbon reduction process.

Xiaomi’s Zero-carbon Philosophy serves as a guiding principle for the company to create more efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly products and services. This philosophy also applies AI technology in manufacturing to enhance efficiency and innovation capabilities. AI allows Xiaomi to offer consumers more sustainable lifestyle choices. For instance, Xiaomi helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and household energy consumption through the use of smart home solutions.

Xiaomi’s AIoT platform allows users to monitor electricity usage more easily and manage energy more efficiently. Xiaomi also provides wearable and mobile devices to offer users a low-carbon and high-quality experience.

The “Human x Car x Home” smart ecosystem recently announced by Xiaomi integrates over 200 product categories, connects 820 million devices, and addresses over 95% of user scenarios to maximize performance for devices within the ecosystem through a unified integrated system. Xiaomi’s HyperOS is established to minimize system redundancy, improve energy usage efficiency, reduce electronic waste, and promote global sustainability goals.

Additionally, Xiaomi is intensifying efforts to promote a circular business model. The company has called for the implementation of a series of global sustainability initiatives, including targeting net-zero emissions, participating in the GE100% initiative, expanding electronic waste recycling programs, and increasing the use of renewable energy. From 2022 to 2026, Xiaomi plans to recycle 38,000 tons of electronic waste and invest in various renewable energy projects.

Xiaomi is committed to creating unique, superior products at fair prices and utilizing comprehensive, sustainable, and green technologies at reasonable costs.


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